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Why should You hire Me?

Having a successful business career, I became a PERFORMANCE COACH just over two decades ago and presently, I am Chairman & CEO of two International Firms and found "peace of mind" in my personal life; I learned the nuances of what to do and not to do to overcome obstacles and reach ones goals. I believe as a Coach, I am partnering with my client(s) in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. I speak to groups internationally on all different subjects; it addresses the value added I bring to my clients with experience, credibility and results. I have Clients worldwide dealing with so many different issues which has given me the formula that allows me to service all types of request, challenges and goals. I do something most Performance Coaches will NOT take the time to do; that after a session and prior to the next session, I welcome my clients to email me anytime if they have any thoughts or concerns or just want some input. I do NOT charge a dime more for outside help I give. Though it takes a lot of my time, I want my clients to have all the ammunition they need to be prepared and move forward prior to a session with me. I am results-oriented Coach and/or Speaker not an efforts-oriented one.

Also, by using Neuroscience, Psychology & Fundamentals I have worked on a platform over the past 2 decades of Coaching which will allow you to learn how to Prepare, Deliver a Message and Have your Audience take an Action.

Many times when a client is considering a Performance Coach it is beneficial to talk briefly on the phone (free of course) to see if you feel a compatibility with the Provider and if the Coach has the business acumen and commitment you believe will help you overcome your challenges and reach your goals. I have been privileged to start and spearhead seven (7) different companies including being a Wall Street Investment Banker, Film/TV Producer in Hollywood, and an executive for Companies in Finance/Journalism/Tech Co. among other professional platforms which allows me to give PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE to my services NOT THEORETICAL IDEAS. My goal is not to make a lot of money for myself Coaching! I have a great career. Loving and being successful both monetarily and personally made me realize that I can help others which, is most important to me. I believe in the philosophy, each and everyday to do something for someone and expect nothing or little in return. However, I get so much back, especially by the successes of my clients - changing their lives. I think I am arguably the best PERFORMANCE COACH due to my experience and exposure in many industries; dealing with many Executives, Entrepreneurs and Corporate Heads; being still in the real world as an Executive, having worked with many clients with similar challenges and goals as a potential client and thinking more “Out of the Box”  than I believe my fellow providers; I know shortcuts that will help you figure out the next step and make it happen quicker.


My office for Career Coaching is at Park Avenue & 40th Street but I will visit my clients at their Corporate Offices or Home Address in Manhattan; time permitting. As a Master Coach and Speaker, it allows my clients to learn how to find their professional and personal passion.


There is nothing more fulfilling than to change someone’s life for the better. As I have been blessed to learn what works and doesn't work from years of professional and personal experience; the nuances that will make a client overcome a challenge or attain their goal is a feeling that is second to none. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to meet people who have certain challenges and things they want to do; and watch them after sessions become stronger and stronger and actually become different people who succeed! There is nothing more wonderful to see your clients find their inner soul and with a little direction attack life with a passion rather than just react. It is great!


Mike P.

Public Speaking Lessons

After just one session Craig has helped bring out energy and confidence in my presentations. He listens to your goals and helps you achieve them with a tailored approach. I an excited to continue working with him.

Alfonsina H.

Career Coaching

Craig found a way to personalize our coaching session. He truly made Me excited about this process!

Dorothy H.

Public Speaking Lessons

Craig provides practical and actionable advice - he is a subject matter expert in this field

Colleen S.

Public Speaking Lessons

Craig has been great. He has not only been flexible with the meeting times and last minute changes, but also sends me relevant documentation throughout the week that has been very helpful as well. Highly recommend based on my experience thus far.

Marina C. M.

Craig was recommended by a trusted colleague and I have found his approach very direct and very honest. High energy with focus on establishing a foundation for the job search and interview.

Betty A.

Public Speaking Lessons

Very professional, a true subject matter expert and more importantly committed to the task at hand development

Jennifer R.

Public Speaking Lessons

I've been terrified of public speaking my entire adult life. However, in a single session with Craig, I've learned controlled breathing, how to deliver an effective presentation and how to make contact with my audience. My new mantra is “The audience wants me to do well.” Thanks, Craig!

Oliver E.

Sales Training

Very passionate and very willing to provide guidance in a wide array of areas. If you want someone to get you motivated and unleash the best you, Craig is your man.

Magda D.

Public Speaking Lessons

I'm so lucky I found Craig online. I started noticing results right after my first meeting with him. He is amazing!

Eric D.

Public Speaking Lessons

I had to give a presentation to an investment committee and Craig substantially helped me with my delivery and confidence. We have kept in touch and he has been very supportive

David K.

Public Speaking Lessons

Helping my son, age 24, to get the confidence to speak in public and how to organize a presentation. Will pay dividends in for Matt as his career progress.

Daniel S.

Public Speaking Lessons

Was amazing, he got me ready to present in front of 3000 people in only a few sessions. Thanks!


Ray C.

December 22, 2016

Public Speaking Lessons

It was a great experience working with Craig. I feel so much more confident now and look forward to the future.

Alida P.

Resume Writing

Craig is a real pro, I feel like he understood me well, and I look forward to exploring my future worklife with him. I think it will be a real journey of growth!

Barbara E.

Public Speaking Lessons

After just 1 Session I am astonished how I feel -- FANTASTIC! Craig incorporated his knowledge of Neuroscience/Psychology and the necessary fundamentals of great Public Speakers; with his passion, commitment to me and motivation which made me less anxious and fearful to speak after just finishing our Session. Being afraid all my life of Public Speaking made me very proud of myself. I can't wait to continue working with Craig. Thanks!!!

John R.

Craig makes things happen. As he says, "you run your life or your life runs you"! He has a passion and complete commitment to to my goals - to learn how to speak to a group without getting nervous, delivering a message that is right on that people listening get. I am overwhelmed by the change in me in just a short period of time. I even feel more confident personally. He is a motivator and you want to please him. I am going to continue working with Craig and would recommend him to anyone who is anxious or fearful of public speaking. Craig - thanks for allowing me to come out of my shell!

Cary S.

Public Speaking Lessons

As I was a bit skeptical to meet Craig as I had been to another public speaking coach and did not feel I improved the way I wanted to - I was more than excited how he taught me to prepare, deliver and get results far beyond my expectations. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable about public speaking as he speaks all over the world himself and transferred his skillset to me in a patient, empathetic and motivating way that made me feel fearless and confident. As someone who gives presentations to clients & colleagues and is a bit timid, I just finished giving my 2nd Speech; the reaction from the audience has been remarkable. As Craig says, you only give a "WOW" speech. I actually feel more confident in my personal life having the "swagger' Craig said I would get once I understood the nuances and subsequently the ability to execute those skills to my listeners (whether 100 or 1). Thank you Craig - you have literally changed my life. To those who might be considering a public speaking coach, I would just say that Craig is a "WOW" Coach.

Roger E.

Though an Executive with a Company I have always been uncomfortable giving Public Speeches. I am pleased to say that I am a different professional and person after working with Craig. He taught me the nuances and fundamentals necessary to entertain, inform, inspire and make an audience take an action (connect with them). He was passionate, committed and wanted me to attain my goal(s). I can't thank Craig enough for helping me understand how to put content together, deliver a great Speech and get the audience emotionally invested in what I was talking about. He even took the time to answer questions about my career and my life -- and how to make changes to better those platforms. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Craig.

Taba T.

Craig is a nice combination of a motivational speaker and a career coach. He guided me on improving my resume, cover letter and pursuing careers in companies that I would like to be a part of, instead of settling for any job. I highly recommend Craig for anyone who has been looking for the "right" job with no success and needs a new approach in their search!

Erika H.

Public Speaking Lessons

Thank you, Craig! Craig and I are working together on developing my public speaking abilities. For many people, I'm one of them, public speaking is one, if not "the" biggest fear we have. Craig was awesome - he was positive, inspiring, and just really "real" with me about letting my true self do the talking and to enjoy speaking, to own it. After just our first session together, I was speaking more confidently to friends, walking more proudly, and definitely felt stronger as a person all around. I'm not a shy person and yet I was still taken aback by this. Craig says developing these speaking skills will change your life, now I'm a believer. I look forward to working with him on my journey to becoming the speaker and person I want to be and I'm happy to have found him.



Manuel G.

Public Speaking Lessons

Craig was excellent as seeing and getting the best out of me. I have become aware of many nuances when public speaking and most importantly how to fully express emotions to captivate the audience. I highly recommend his services.

Joseph S.

Need Life Coaching

My wife and I have had several discussions with Craig over the past several weeks, explaining our dilemma with our son and his poor choices and lack of motivation. Craig persisted with attempts to meet with our son, finally breaking through. Our son has met with Craig twice so far and we can see a noticeable difference in his attitude and overall behavior. We are so excited for our son's future because of Craig Stone!



Dave A.

Need Leadership Development Training

Craig is very passionate in his trainings, and has already proved to me that he truly cares about helping me reach my goals. After the first training, he sent multiple emails following up on the various things we had talked about and guidelines for completing my goals. I initially reached out to Craig right after reading an article on Warren Buffett where Buffett was quoted saying, "The most important investment you can make is in yourself... Potential exceeds realization for many people. The best asset is your own self." I would definitely recommend Craig to anyone who is willing to invest in themselves to reach their true potential.


Sal C.

Life Coaching

Craig makes you feel very comfortable in speaking to him about whatever it is confronting you. He also imparts great insight and experience to helps you see things from another perspective.

Benjamin M.

Public Speaking Lessons

Craig is a very talented speaker who is passionate and committed to making you a better speaker. While some other teachers have inflexible schedules and are reluctant to provide out-of-session help, Craig will you give as much additional guidance as you need free of charge. Craig loves what he does and his no nonsense approach is an effective, efficient way to improve your public speaking skills.

Annika R.

Need Career Coaching

I hired Craig as a career coach, had my first session with him yesterday. He is very motivated and want to see you succeed. It is a team effort, he will put in as much as you do. Feeling excited and looking forward to working with him and see some rapid results.

Elizabeth B.

Need Public Speaking Lessons

Craig was really great and super energetic, highly motivated and perfect person to get you amped up about your Event. I would recommend him to anyone trying to improve their public speaking. Whether for a big event or just for standing up and speaking in front of a few people. Craig is perfect.


Nemanya K.

Need Career Coaching

When I had a phone conversation with him he took the time and answered my question about concerns I had. Even better meeting him for the first time I know he can help me gain the tools I need to succeed in the hotel industry.

Mary F.

Need Life Coaching

My meeting with Craig was fabulous. I have a lot of homework to do and I feel very excited about the future. Craig showed me what I've always known deep down, but have been somewhat uncertain of. He showed me that I can do/be anything I want to be. The horizon is vast. Now instead of being uncertain about my next step in life I feel determined.

Stacey B.

Need Career Coaching

Craig is one of the most knowledgeable, honest, direct, and motivating people I've met in a very long time. I'm very grateful to be working with him at this time. You will not be disappointed!

Fernando M.

I have been dealing with self-esteem issues for some time. I have problems with being positive and seeing the cup has half full not half empty. I thought it would be hard to open up to Mr. Stone but he made me feel comfortable immediately. He has a certain way of making you feel important and the issue(s) I am fighting are just minor issue(s) or as he would put it as challenges that are conquered using certain basic steps. Just after one session with him, I seriously started feeling better and had a better understanding what was affecting my attitude. It was the first time in a long time that I could see some hope. I was quite taken back. Mr. Stone knows his stuff and I will be seeing him again not because he asked me but I see how much further I could grow as a person. I am grateful to have him in my life.

Susan A.

We needed a Life Coach to help motivate a group of 60 individuals in the insurance business. We didn't know where to look and interviewed many candidates in person & WoW; Mr. Stone came in. He had a confidence, fearlessness and inner strength that was second to none. Here was a Life Coach who just knew what to say and when to say it -- and how loud to say it! He analyzed the room very quickly and knew what was necessary to get these teams up on their toes. I must say some of his ways are a bit unconventional but it just worked. As said in his profile, "it is not the odds that kill us but the spirit that dies if one is not able to fight those odds". He installed that spirit in everyone in the room including upper management and the executives. Once in a while you meet someone who is a little different yet relates to those who are listening and understands what they need to hear to embrace the next challenge and better themselves. As he said, there is a formula that he learned as an executive through the years through trial and error that just works. His stories alone had the group mesmerized and his intensity was formidable. If you can get him to handle your meetings/conventions; grab him as he is well worth it. We couldn't haven't been happier as he even stayed a bit longer to answer individual questions from the audience on stage and alone.

Robert P.

I decided to hire a Life Coach to talk to 22 young men and women in their early '20s who were uncertain about their future as they were entering the real world. They were anxious, afraid, unsure, many with low self-esteem (though many had done great in their respective colleges) and just didn't know what steps were necessary to not only blend in but excel in their jobs or positions they were looking for in their fields. We had the pleasure of bringing in Mr. Stone who with his larger than life personality, confidence and assurance woke the group up and explained that there was a path out of the woods, you just had to be shown where the clearing was and the rest would take care of itself. He listened carefully to many of the young people, and made sure everyone who spoke felt like their question meant something, assimilated down the fundamentals that were collectively necessary to get them to realize there was an answer; and more than one answer to their issue(s). Through his entrepreneurial background as an Investment Banker to a Producer in Hollywood, to a Private Jet Executive to a Manager of the top 100 Poker Players in the world to being an International Real Estate Executive doing transactions worldwide; his talk just captivated the audience with stories of the down and out (some well known) who turned their lives around using the right tools and told those in the audience they were far ahead of the earlier mentioned people he spoke about in his stories; and he knows exactly how to tell a story that not only moved the youngsters but everyone in the room. He is one of those people that just knows how to say the right thing to the right person and the energy level and enthusiasm just grew and became contagious which was quite a feeling. Though he is a Certified Life Coach which the youngsters never really cared to much about but it seems that his "real" experiences got the students emotionally invested in him and in the fact that they had a plan and map that was the beginning to getting themselves to where they want to go. I can't think of anyone I know who could have turned this room around so when they left the speech they felt better about themselves and their futures. He is the Real Deal!

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